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Ryan D. Peterson is a former collection agency attorney turned consumer protection advocate. 

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Ryan Peterson took the time to assess my situation, give me his opinion and several options to take action on. I had no firsthand experience in legal matters and so I did not understand how stressful they could be. Yet he was patient and his support was exactly what I needed to push through it.

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Elizabeth Schellschmidt

Ryan is a godsend! 

I was understandably nervous when I received documentation from a creditor in the mail. Being unfamiliar with consumer rights laws and fair debt collection practices, I figured I would let my court date come and go and deal with the outcome later. 

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Marjorie Taylor

When I first contacted Ryan, it would have been my first time to ever have contacted a lawyer for legal council purposes. I was a bit hesitant and reserved in opening conversations, but those thoughts or feelings were immediately dispelled by his openness, honesty, and free and airy conversation.

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Dan Wiley

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Yes, junk debt buyers are still debt collectors

Yes, junk debt buyers are still debt collectors

A couple years ago, the Supreme Court took up the issue of whether a bank who had purchased a portfolio of debts was a "debt collector" for purposes of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ("FDCPA") coverage. SCOTUS held that because the bank in that case was collecting...

Maine Passes Student Loan Bill of Rights

Maine Passes Student Loan Bill of Rights

Maine is the most recent state to pass a student loan bill of rights. It requires licensing of companies who service student loans in the state, unless that company is already a financial institution under state or federal regulatory authority. More important, it...

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