Facing A Debt Collections Case?
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Consider these factors when deciding if you should hire an attorney to defend against a creditor lawsuit.

You have three choices when a creditor sues you for a debt you haven’t paid.

  1. Allow the creditor to obtain a judgment against you (called a “default judgment”)
  2. Defend the lawsuit yourself, or
  3. Hire an attorney to represent you in the lawsuit.

If you decide choice number three is the best option, contact Peterson Legal for help.

By hiring us, you’ll receive

  • A better understanding of your rights
  • Answers regarding who is suing you and the basis for their claim
  • Someone who will interact on your behalf with the other side
  • A successful outcome in the form of either a negotiated settlement or, even better, dismissal of the claim

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Written by Diane Nelson

May 27, 2021

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