Your Credit Report; Is It Error Free?
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You’ve taken the first step and requested your credit reports, now what?

Q: I’ve requested my credit reports. What should I be looking for? 

A: Some of the most common errors we see include incorrect personal information, inaccurate account information, or entirely fraudulent accounts.

Start by looking at the date you opened any credit accounts or took out any loans. The current balance on each account. Your payment history. The credit limits and total loan amounts.

When reviewing your reports, look for the following:

  • Personal Information Section. Incorrect or incomplete name, address, or phone number. …
  • Public Records Section. Lawsuits you weren’t involved in. …
  • Credit Accounts Section. Commingled accounts—credit histories for someone with a similar or the same name. …
  • Inquiries Section.

If you see any errors – or even any possible errors – reach out to our team at Peterson Legal. We can help you resolve any credit report issues so that you are treated fairly by the credit bureaus and banks.

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Written by Ryan D Peterson

November 19, 2020

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