Ryan D Peterson Lawyer in Edina MN

Attorney Ryan D. Peterson

Ryan D. Peterson is a former debt collection attorney turned consumer rights expert and advocate. After graduating from William Mitchell law school in 2008, Ryan opened his own criminal defense firm.

In 2010 Ryan joined a Minneapolis-based debt collection firm. There, he quickly learned the nuances of rights and regulations regarding consumers. As time went on, Ryan developed a deep desire to work for consumers – to protect individuals who are wrongly treated, often knowingly, by big business and banking institutions.

As Ryan frequently says, he’s grateful to practice law in a way that aligns with his personal beliefs. He values his relationship with clients and strives to partner with each individual to ensure a fair outcome.

Like all native Minnesotans, Ryan loves cabin time Up North. He is also a self-described “avid indoorsman” who enjoys cooking, reading, bar trivia, and board games. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife and two children.

Testimonials for Peterson Legal, PLLC

Ryan Peterson took the time to assess my situation, give me his opinion and several options to take action on. I had no firsthand experience in legal matters and so I did not understand how stressful they could be. Yet he was patient and his support was exactly what I needed to push through it.

It was clear that he had a lot of experience, professional contacts and personal knowledge of judges or attorneys we may encounter. That, along with his high energy and confident demeanor helped to put me at ease.

Leaving for the final court appearance, I had anxiety about how the judge perceived me. What is the legal equivalent to a mic drop in the court room? In hindsight, that is what Ryan did, he was confident and he was absolutely right.

May I never have to see another courtroom again, but if I do, I want Ryan there with me.

Elizabeth Schellschmidt

Ryan is a godsend!

I was understandably nervous when I received documentation from a creditor in the mail. Being unfamiliar with consumer rights laws and fair debt collection practices, I figured I would let my court date come and go and deal with the outcome later. 

That’s when Ryan stepped in. I received a letter in the mail from him stating that he would represent me in court and pretty much handle the situation. I will admit that I was skeptical at first because I didn’t know if this was legit or who I could trust. I took the risk and gave him a call. That was the best decision ever!

From our first conversation, I was put at ease. Ryan is very knowledgeable and he gets results!  My case turned out better than I could have ever expected. 

He handled everything for me from going to court to all of the communications with the creditor. I was able to sleep at night without worries and I hadn’t done that in a long time.  

I would recommend him to anyone. He’s personable, respectful, and an expert at his craft!

Marjorie Taylor

When I first contacted Ryan, it would have been my first time to ever have contacted a lawyer for legal council purposes. I was a bit hesitant and reserved in opening conversations, but those thoughts or feelings were immediately dispelled by his openness, honesty, and free and airy conversation.

Ryan worked with me, wanted to know my story, and instantly put all my worries and concerns to rest. I knew, then and there, in that conversation, I was being taken care of, and being done so by a professional. Ryan has maintained a certain level of professionalism, that I would expect from competent lawyers. He then surpassed that by being ethical and honest about my entire situation. He was knowledgeable about my situation in particular, having worked for the other side for a number of years, his experience and expertise has made me feel like, I’m being taken care of.

I would highly recommend Peterson Legal to anyone who has suffered any sort of wrongful identity, fraud or identity theft scenarios.

Dan Wiley


  • District of Minnesota (2012)
  • Northern District of Florida (2014)
  • Eastern District of Wisconsin (2015)